Quality Through Integrity

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Acting with integrity in the research environment isn't always easy.

This course will help. It's a concise and engaging introduction to the principles and practice of research integrity.

Make it your own

Research integrity is a global concern, but this course focuses on your specific context.

Our courses are designed to be customised. Need to add your own policies? Of course! Want to add your own resources and videos? No problem.

Influence the culture

Changing a culture is obviously much harder than implementing a single online course.

So, our course uniquely comes with a series of discussion primers that provide a practical mechanism to connect this course with a broader institutional strategy to promote research quality.

Facilitate peer to peer learning

Each of our primers is a one-page infographic agenda for a literature-driven workshop.

Institutions may choose to simply provide the resources to research groups, or to actively promote or facilitate these workshops in a way that best fits their own research strategy.

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Currently, we have two specially customised versions of the course:

The UK version is designed to help insitutions promote the principles of the UK Concordat to Support Research Integrity and the UKRIO Code of Practice for Research.

The Australian version is designed to help promote the responsibilities of the Australian code for the responsible conduct of research (2018) and its associated guides.

Both versions are highly customisable to individual research institutions. We make your requested customisations for you. We have a simple and quick process.

The quality of research fundamentally relies on trust, transparency, accountability, and rigour. Moreover, a culture that produces great research depends on fairness, acknowledgement, and credit. So, this is a course that seeks to put those principles to practice. It's a course to promote quality through integrity.

Because this course is based on the contemporary research literature, it is suitable for both research students and senior academics. While basic responsibilities are described clearly and simply, many of the broader contextual issues are deep and complex. Experienced researchers will disagree about questions of integrity and quality, and that’s ok, isn’t it? This is a course for those who want real integrity, beyond mere compliance.

This course is concise. The point is to provide an engaging introduction, and to make responsibilities clear. It should take less than an hour to complete, although learners can complete the course at their own pace. There are many optional resources to explore topics in more detail.

We design for researchers. Our course addresses challenging open-ended questions. Researchers are good at finding answers. This course ignites their curiosity about vital issues concerning research quality and integrity. Too often these integrity topics are made to appear boring through over-administration and the language of 'compliance'. This course has a view of integrity that's deeper, more scholarly, and more engaging.

In addition to various activities and 'learning checks' throughout the course, the training concludes with a short quiz. Participants are asked 10 multiple-choice questions at random from a broader pool. The quiz is designed to test application of practical integrity issues.

If your institution has a Learning Management System (a place that records online training for staff and students), this course will almost certainly work for you.

Using your own systems will keep your learner data private and secure, and provide consistency with your other courses.

The course runs on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.

You can test before you commit.


We offer this course to research institutions under a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, usually for a period of two years. A license grants unlimited use by staff and students for the license period, and includes customisations. Our prices are very competitive.

We’d love to discuss how this course could be specially tailored to suit your needs.

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