Introduction to Human Ethics

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This online training course provides an engaging introduction to human research ethics in the context of national regulations.

Currently, we have an Australian version and a UK version.

Learners leave this course better equipped to apply for ethics approval.

More fundamentally, this course helps researchers consider how to design, conduct, and report their research in an ethical way.


Introduction to Human Research Ethics makes responsibilities clear.

Content is delivered as snappy videos, clear text, meaningful interactions, and optional activities for learners with particular areas of interest.

The content is based on the research literature, and provides a framework for thinking through complex issues. It's specifically designed for academics and research students who conduct human research.

Consider your participants

This course asks researchers to consider their research projects from the perspectives of their participants.

Put yourself in their shoes.

For researchers focused on data, ideas, and publications, that's not always easy to do!

Valuable resource

The course can be accessed online, any time. It's there when researchers need it.

As a lasting source of reliable information, it reduces the burden on university ethics staff to provide general advice, and therefore frees their time for more specialist matters.


The Australian version is available now. The UK version will be available from June 2023.

We offer this course to research institutions under a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, usually for a period of two years. A license grants unlimited use by staff and students for the license period, and includes customisations. Our prices are very competitive.

We’d love to discuss how this course could be specially tailored to suit your needs.

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