Good Scholarship

Course type

Online + discussion primers


Coming June 2023

Promote academic integrity

Good Scholarship is an essential training course about academic integrity in the university teaching & learning environment. It will be available in June 2023.

This course covers, for example, good practices in writing, reading, citing, and collaborating with other students as part of group work.

It helps avoid issues in plagiarism and contract cheating.

This is no mere 'compliance' course. It aims to ignite a real passion in students for persuing true academnic scholarship, and to better equip teachers to help their students become good scholars.

Resources to connect students and teachers

The package includes three components:

  1. online course for university students
  2. online course for university teachers
  3. interactive resources and activities for teachers to use in their courses.

These resources will facilitate meaningful learning experiences about academic integrity in lectures, tutorials, and assessment activities.

If you'd like an idea of the online courses and resources we produce:

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