Human ethics training menu


For the Australasian Ethics Network Conference, this "menu" activity is designed to help research institutions develop more effective training about human research ethics.

The activity works like this: Imagine that every researcher at your institution must undertake a one-hour training course about human research ethics. You’re in charge of the course! You decide how best to use that precious hour. In the boxes of the ‘menu’, write the number of minutes that your new course will spend on each item. That may be zero. You can also add your own items. You value researchers’ time, so your total minutes cannot exceed sixty.

Here's the hi-res PDF.   It prints nicely as a colour A3 page. We've made it available under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

picture of the menu activity

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Peer Review Discussion Primer


To celebrate Peer Review Week, we've made our Peer Review Discusion Primer available under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC-BY-NC licence. You can use it for any non-commercial purpose so long as you attribute Tricky Goose Training.

This primer's purpose is to provoke thoughtful discussions within research teams about peer review. It's one of a series of discussion primers that are supplementary materials for our Quality Through Integrity course.

It prints nicely as a colour A3 page. You can also use it on your devices, or display it on a meeting-room-screen. Click the image to open a high-res PDF that you can save and use.

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